Exploring the Value of Theragnostic Radionuclide Therapies within Advanced Oncology Portfolios To Successfully Deliver Clinical Efficacy

Welcome to the Inaugural Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit US

With two prostate cancer-focused approvals in the last year, RLT is finally getting the attention it deserves from investors, biotech, and the wider oncology field. Though still the 3rd line of exotic therapy, the ever-growing pipeline of therapeutics is set to deliver new life-saving therapeutics to patients with various unmet oncological needs.

To aid this tidal wave of investment comes the brand new Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit US (TRP US), the only industry-led gathering dedicated to the development of next-generation radioligands.

Do you work for a pharmaceutical company that wants to have its Theranostic approved? If so, this summit is designed to provide you with a comprehensive grasp of the fast-paced radiopharmaceutical industry while simultaneously teaching you about the vital role of diagnostic imaging.

Hear the latest insights, case studies, and novel data to accelerate the development of next-generation radioligand medicines from clinical approval to commercialization. This is the only in-person meeting to bring the discussion around the challenges and opportunities facing developers of Theranostic radioligand therapies.

This summit will strive to tackle topics that are on every drug developer's mind: 

  • How do we identify and validate new targets? 
  • Can we combine targeted radiopharmaceuticals with immunotherapy or other targeted oncology methods?
  • How do we improve current clinical design methodologies and patient selection strategies?
  • Where can improvements be made to the current supply and fulfillment models?

What did the 2022 summit include?

Innovative case studies that lead to a better understanding of the biological impacts of internal radiation

How to streamline successful translation of candidates through the clinic & to the patient which is safe & effective

Conduct clinical studies to address the current unmet clinical needs and improve the lives of your patients

Benchmarking RLT against competing modalities in the oncology world

Selectivity of novel targeting systems utilizing antibodies, peptides, and more

Overcoming the current commercialization and supply chain limitations of RLT drugs

World-Class Speaker Faculty Included: