Attain Significant Clinical Efficacy of Your TRP Pipeline by Matching Advances in Next Generation Targets With Innovations in Quantitative Imaging & Isotope Supply

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Welcome to the 3rd Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit US 2024

Maximizing the Clinical Potential of Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals

Following huge billion-dollar deals from the likes of Novartis, Eli Lilly, BMS hot off the press, and AstraZeneca and continued positive clinical momentum off the back off the (expected to be blockbuster drug) Pluvicto approval, we are entering the radiopharmaceutical renaissance. The immense medical and commercial potential in treating areas of unmet need in oncology is more apparent than ever with GlobalData reporting that venture capital deals in the space have grown by 550% to $408 million this year. FutureMarketInsights are projecting radiopharmaceutical uptake to reach $9.5 B by 2032. The field is charged with excited anticipation to what’s on the horizon!

As the space goes nuclear, join the 3rd Annual Targeted Radiopharmaceutical Summit US, industry’s number one radio-conjugate dedicated event of the year. Whether it’s discussing approaches for novel targets to decrease competition, radioisotope supply so your trial doesn’t get held up or combination or personalized therapies to know the best rationale for combos and maximize the therapeutic window - this is THE forum to learn from industry to ensure you maintain your competitive advantage from the rest of the crowd as you scope the TRP landscape.

With a flurry of investment pouring into early-stage radiopharmaceutical companies and ongoing interest in theranostic and personalized medicine approaches, we are uniting all the key pharma and biotech players in the space across Novartis, Bayer, AstraZeneca, Perspective Therapeutics, Telix Therapeutics, ARTBIO, OranoMed and many more. Join those from early discovery, translational development, early and late stage clinical and supply chain, alongside the clinician’s perspective for your one-stop shop on all the radiopharmaceuticals.

Meeting both your business and scientific needs in one place, this year we introduce brand new tracks dedicated to early stage and late-stage clinical development and even more networking opportunities for those dedicated to business development.

With a common desire among the TRP community to meet the unmet need that still exists within oncology, you cannot afford to miss the biggest and best iteration of this meeting to date.


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Snapshot of our Expert Speakers:

Amir Golan

Vice President - Radioligand Therapy Platform


Jeremie Calais

Director of Theranostics Research Program

University of California Los Angeles

Mary Jessel

Senior Vice President - Global Medical Affairs

Telix Pharmaceuticals

Matthew Korn

Global Medical Lead


Nicholas Pullen

Chief Scientific Officer


Scott Tagawa


Weill Cornell University

Simon Read

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mariana Oncology

Ying Cai

Director - Supply Chain

Ashvattha Therapeutics


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