8:00 am
Registration & Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Optimizing Preclinical Testing for Confident Transitioning to the Clinic

9:00 am Historical Perspective on RLT in the United States

  • Peter Conti Professor of Radiology PET Imaging Center & Director, Molecular Imaging Center , Keck School of Medicine


  • Reflect on past successes and failures in RLT
  • Discuss what has changed in clinical practice related to RLT
  • Briefly explore other theranostic modalities to consider the role of RLT in the wider
    world of nuclear medicine

9:30 am RPT Preclinical Programs for Successful Clinical Translation. A CRO Perspective


  • Radiochemistry development, lead selection and CMO handover
  • Considerations for preclinical animal model selection
  • Biodistribution, dosimetry and toxicity studies: Balancing wins and losses

10:00 am
Speed Networking & Refreshment Break

Recent Clinical Progress & Overcoming Challenges in the Design & Execution of Robust Clinical Trials

11:00 am Presentation from our Partner, RadioPharm Theranostics

  • Riccardo Canevari Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer , RadioPharm Theranostics


11:30 am Preclinical Studies of 64/67Cu-SARTATE for the Treatment of Metastatic Neuroblastoma

  • Alan B. Packard Sr. Research Associate/Associate Professor , Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School


  • Cu-64/Cu-67 is a theranostic pair with great potential
  • Metastases are a promising target for targeted radionuclide therapy
  • How small can we go? Can we treat minimal residual disease and pre-empt

12:00 pm Targeted Alpha Particle Therapy: Spanning Small Molecules, Peptides and Antibodies

  • Chris Leamon Chief Scientific Officer, Fusion Pharmaceuticals


  • Is targeted radiotherapy any better than targeted chemotherapy?
  • The pursuit of 225Ac. A potent payload for targeted therapy
  • Ligand diversity. Who knows what’s optimal for solid tumor therapy?

12:30 pm Panel Discussion: How to Optimize Novel Targeting Systems

  • Jason Dearling Senior Director, Radiopharmacology , Curie Therapeutics
  • Sarah Cheal Assistant Professor , Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Stanley Satz Chairman , Advanced Innovative Partners


  • Harnessing novel molecules and a continuously developing understanding of cancer-associated surface antigens
  • Discuss how these novel systems change the types of radionuclide that can be bound and the types of cancer that
    will be accessible

1:15 pm
Lunch Break

2:00 pm Presentation from our Expertise Partner, Medpace


2:30 pm New: Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Tech Smash Dedicated agenda section for this year’s new developers, service providers, and vendors to showcase their technology during a dedicated. Secure a 10 or 15-minute slot to showcase your company’s novel technology, facilities, or processes today

3:30 pm
Afternoon Refreshment Break

4:00 pm Moving Beyond Solid Tumors: A Novel Radiotherapy in Hematologic Cancers


  • Understanding Phospholipid ethers (PLE)s as a novel radioconjungate platform
  • Review of Bexxar and Zevalin in hematologic cancers: Successes and challenges
  • Highlights of PRCs data and methods to overcome challenges

4:30 pm Review Recent Progress in Targeting Molecules and Systems

  • Sarah Cheal Assistant Professor , Weill Cornell Medical College


  • Discuss targeting systems in the conjunction with alpha-emitting therapies
  • Consider Lead isotopes and Actinium-225 in depth
  • Hear recent advancements with pre-targeting systems

5:00 pm Radiolabeled NanoLiposomes: A Novel Targeted Treatment for Rare and Central Nervous System Cancers


  • Targeted radiotherapeutics for cancer
  • Lead investigational drug: Rhenium-186 NanoLiposome
  • U.S. ReSPECT clinical trials update

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:45 pm Drinks Reception