8:00 am
Registration & Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Developments in Treating Prostate Cancer with RLT

  • Oliver Sartor Laborde Professor for Cancer Research, Medical Director Tulane Cancer Center, Associate Dean for Oncology , Tulane Medical School


  • Integrating PSMA Radiotherapeutics into clinical practice
  • Thoughts on how RLT could develop into a second/first-line therapy in coming

Targeting Systems to Open New Therapeutic Opportunities

9:30 am From the Death Sciences to the Life Sciences – How Radiopharmaceuticals are Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

10:00 am Review Recent Progress in Targeting Molecules and Systems

  • Sarah Cheal Assistant Professor , Weill Cornell Medical College


  • Discuss targeting systems in the conjunction with alpha-emitting therapies
  • Consider Lead isotopes and Actinium-225 in depth
  • Hear recent advancements with pre-targeting systems

10:30 am
Morning Networking & Refreshment Break

Designing Logical Combination Therapies

11:30 am Logical Combination Therapies for Targeted Alpha Therapies

  • Volker Wagner Head of Clinical Development Radiopharmaceutical , Bayer


  • Targeted alpha therapies induce (clustered) DNA double-strand breaks leading to cell death
  • Combination with inhibitors of DNA damage response may increase efficacyPotential for immune system activation

12:00 pm Pb-203/Pb-212: an Emerging Theranostic Isotopologue

  • Amos Hedt Chief Business Strategy Officer , Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc


  • Theranostic pairs: what implications are there for matched and non-matched elements? Chemical, biological, developmental, logistical, commercial and regulatory aspects
  • Pb-203/Pb-212 history, current state of development, and future potential.
  • Next steps for radiopharmaceuticals: the curative potential of combination therapies. Targeted alpha particle therapy is showing great promise in combination with immunotherapy.

Leveraging Clinical Trial Logistics & Resources

12:30 pm Our Community Radiopharmaceutical Clinical Trials Network, Successes.


  • What can be done to create more spaces for RLT developers to conduct trials?
  • It currently takes 600 hours to train in administering RLT therapies: how can this be best addressed to spread RLT further
  • Meeting the requirements for both adult patients and paediatrics

1:00 pm Scaling Up Efficiently to Meet Commercial Goals


  • Discuss planning, and roll out of program to scale up RLT manufacturing facilities
  • Consider potential bottlenecks and potential challenges of a collaborative vs. solo approach

1:30 pm
Lunch Break

Harnessing Dosimetry Studies to Improve Gain Clarity on Absorption

2:00 pm The Radiochemistry, Preclinical Efficacy & Immunogenicity Of 212Pb- Based Radiopharmaceuticals

  • Mengshi Li Principal Scientist , Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Inc.


  • Develop radiochemistry for rapid reaction with Pb-212 and stable chelation of progeny Bi-212 daughters
  • Pb-203 surrogate predicts in vivo biodistribution of Pb-212 and progeny Bi-212
  • The immunogenicity of alpha-radiotherapy and synergy with immunotherapy in

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Striking a Balance: Achieving Anticancer Activity without Toxicity


  • Consider how we can investigate toxicity through dosimetry and how this data can be used in regulator submissions
  • Discuss how dosimetry will play a role in taking on new cancer types
  • How can we overcome the lack of clarity around the application and value of

3:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks