9:00 am Registration & Welcome Coffee

9:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Beta or Alpha Emitters: Rationale, Considerations & Challenges

9:30 am Radiopharmaceutical Therapies: The New Frontier in Oncology


  • Unpacking this new pillar beyond I/O and Cell & Gene
  • Evaluating blue sky opportunities in Solid Tumors
  • Exploring new mechanism of actions beyond SSTR2, PSMA and FAP

10:00 am Interactive Group Discussion Session: Understanding the Criteria for Selection of Alpha Emitters to Ensure Clinical Success


  • Considering factors such as half-life, decay scheme, chemical properties, linkers, and liver uptake
  • Analysis of the key differences between alpha and beta emitters and determining whether beta emitters still have a place in the development of targeted radionuclide therapies
  • How are alpha emitters holding up in the clinic so far: a case study of Actinium-225 

10:30 am Harnessing the Full Potential of TRT: How 68Ga & 177Lu Shaped Modern Theranostics & Why 225Ac Will Advance TRT

11:00 am Morning Break & Networking


This session is the ideal opportunity to get face-to-face time with many of the brightest minds working in the TRP field and establish meaningful business relationships to pursue for the rest of the conference.

Discovery & Translational Track

Combinations: Understanding the Importance, Rationale & Challenges

12:00 pm Roundtable Discussion: Moving On from Monotherapy: The Key to Expanding from Small Indications to Larger Indications


  • Understanding the challenges that accompany targeted radionuclide therapies and introducing combinational approaches as a way to combat these
  • Analyzing therapeutic ratios: how well can combination therapies limit liver uptake
  • Turning cold tumors hot: an exciting possibility using IO and other combination

12:30 pm Targeted Radiotherapeutics & Innovative Combinations to Alter the Treatment Outcome for Conditioning, Hematological & Solid Tumor Malignancies

  • Sandesh Seth Chief Executive Officer, Actinium Pharmaceuticals


  • Paradigm shifting induction and conditioning for patients with R/R AML: Results from the phase III SIERRA trial with Iomab-B
  • Disease-outcome modifying Actimab-A leading to impressive overall survival for patients with high-risk R/R AML when used as a combination therapy
  • Leveraging strong partnerships and R&D platforms to advance novel solid tumor programs into clinical development

1:00 pm Panel Discussion: Digging Through the Plethora of Combination Options & Considering the Rationale Behind Each Approach


  • From DDRi’s to IO to TRT to gene therapy, there is a broad range of options when it comes to selecting therapeutics to combine alpha nuclides with
  • Providing the perspectives of drug developers working on these differing approaches, this panel will explore the rationale, promise and challenges associated with each

Clinical Track

Clinical Readouts & Emerging Success Stories

12:00 pm Clinical Experience with 212Pb-Compounds


  • Common treatment emergent adverse events in NETs
  • Renal Toxicity: How is it defined and what can we do about it?
  • Phase 1 Study of 212Pb-DOTAM-GRPR1 in Adult Subjects with Recurrent or Metastatic GRPR-expressing Tumors 

12:30 pm Bringing The First Ac PSMA Treatment to Market

  • Mohit Rawat President and Chief Business Officer, Fusion Pharmaceuticals


  • FPI-2265 (Ac PSMA I&T) Phase 2 clinical program, unmet need, clinical benefit and opportunity
  • Potential for Ac combinations with I-O and DDRi agents
  • Key success factors incl. Ac supply, manufacturing, etc

1:00 pm Preliminary Data from Part 1 (Phase 1) of ACTION-1 Trial of RYZ101 (Ac225-DOTATATE) in GEPNETs Progressive After Lu177-DOTATA


  • Assessing preliminary RYZ101 safety
  • Evaluting preliminary RYZ101 efficacy
  • Dosimetry calculations of preliminary Ac225-DOTATATE 

1:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking


Take this chance to meet the expert speakers, connect with your peers and explore our exhibition booths

What’s Next for The Targeted Radionuclide Therapies in the US: Working Together to Address the Key Roadblocks – Scalability, Supply, Regulation, Reimbursement


Improving the Accessibility of TRPs to Ensure That This is Treatment Available for All

2:30 pm Harnessing Radiation Science : How Medical Physics & Dosimetry Can Help Making Multidisciplinary Optimal, Cost Effective & Safe Treatments Accessible in the Clinic

  • Paddy Gilligan President, European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics

3:00 pm Panel Discussion: The Consequences of Pluvicto on the Future of TRT


A panel discussion featuring a range of experts spanning the targeted radiopharmaceutical field, who will provide their perspectives on the impact of Pluvicto and the future of TRT

3:30 pm The Impact of Radiopharmaceutical Reimbursement & Production Delays on Patients in the Community

  • Luke Nordquist Chief Executive Officer, Urology Cancer Center & GU Research


  • Analyzing how reimbursement policies affect patients in need of TRP diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Reviewing the impact of supply chain issues on patients receiving critical care and how this has a significant effect on quality of life
  • A clinician’s perspective on reimbursement policies and strategies to improve patient access and therapeutic benefit 

4:00 pm Panel Discussion: Scaling Up from Small Indications: How Do We Meet the Demands of Commercial Launch in Large Indications?


  • Assessing the scalability of radioisotope treatments given the restricted supply
  • Key considerations for the feasibility of moving from 10,000 to 3 million patients a year
  • Avoiding the fate of targeted radiopharmaceuticals being put on the backbench as a treatment for a very niche indications due to supply chain issues

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit US