Advancing Dosimetry Data: An Invaluable Tool to Optimize Therapeutic Outcomes

Time: 11:00 am
day: Workshop E


Dosimetry data gives precise insight into radiation dose delivery and tissue penetration, but there is still work to be done to unlock the true potential of this tool. From understanding dose-response relationships and establishing safe dose limits for normal organs to overcoming logistical hurdles in clinical implementation. There is ongoing research and development efforts to improve dosimetry models, enhance imaging techniques, and gather more data on radiopharmaceutical pharmacokinetics and biodistribution – but how can this truly be implemented in the clinic?

Partake in this workshop to accelerate the field of dosimetry and hear insights on:

  • Revealing current regulatory perspectives and guidelines and identifying the need for future clarification
  • Reaching new definitions to overcome external beam challenges
  • Uncovering new analytical tools
  • Addressing differences in the image analysis
  • Machine learning and AI to enhance dosimetry insights
  • Alpha vs. beta dosimetry of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals
  • Relative biological effect (RBE) and alpha dosimetry
  • Role of alpha dosimetry in the design of clinical trials