Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Workshop A: Tuesday, July 26
 9.00 - 12.00

Building a Modern Theranostics Practice

We will bring together experts who have worked on the front lines of clinical trials with prominent scientists in the field of radiopharmaceuticals for this session.

Discuss how to collaborate successfully across disciplines to improve radiopharmaceuticals, such as with oncologists and radiobiologists. Join your colleagues in a discussion on radiopharmacy’s promise in cancer and how it may be realized via rigorous clinical trial design, planning, and execution. Crossing this chasm is the first step toward broader acceptance of radiopharmaceuticals as a sophisticated anticancer tool.

Workshop Leaders


Geoffrey Johnson
Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Radiologist
Mayo Clinic


Alexander Yordanov
Senior Radiochemist & Tech Service Lead
Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Workshop B: Tuesday, July 26
13.00 - 16.00

Dosimetry in Practice: Utilising Dosimetry at all Levels of Drug Development

Dosimetry plays an important role and yet misunderstood role at all levels of nuclear medicine. Utilizing the learnings from academia and dosimetrists that have worked with external beam and internal radiation systems, we will elucidate many of the ongoing challenges drug developers face when implementing dosimetry into their research strategy. From understanding the key dosimetric concepts to how they can be applied in practice and the data implemented into regulatory applications.

Workshop Leader


Manuel Bardiès
Cancer Research Institute
Montpellier, France

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