Evaluating Novel Radiopharmaceutical Targeting Agents for Enhanced Specificity & Efficacy

Time: 8:30 am
day: Workshop A


As we see more innovation to improve targeting approaches across radio conjugates, the design and development of these molecules is no easy ride. With the aim to balance the specificity, efficacy and radiation exposure to non-targeted tissues, this workshop will critically analyze current targeting approaches.

Hear the latest content and dive into discussions on:

  • Uncovering novel bispecific antibodies to target tissues
  • Exploring small molecules: substrate analogues and metabolic tracers for targeting
  • Evaluating novel peptide ligands
  • Considerations for use in varying beta and alpha emitting isotopes
  • Discovering liposomal nano formation for targeted drug delivery and reduced toxicity
  • Outlining pH targeted approaches
  • Comparing different approaches