Funan Huang

Funan Huang

Company: Bayer

Job title: Senior Global Medical Leader


Considerations for Designing an Optimal First in Human Radiopharmaceutical Trial 11:45 am

Evolving strategy and lessons learned from moving from lab to clinic From ADC to RPT, our lessons learned about FIH study design dynamics about safety, dosimetry and PK/PD from Th227 to Ac225 Engaging with multidisciplinary teams: internal and external stakeholders (NM physicians, imaging and radiopharmacists, regulatory)Read more

day: Day One ESC AM

Addressing the Silos to Move Toward an Integrated Approach With Enhanced Trial Design & Execution Across Radiopharmaceutical Research 8:30 am

Radiopharmaceutical development is driven by collaboration between radio pharmacists, nuclear medicine specialists, chemists, bioengineers and more. While the industry is on the brink of expanding their horizons to even more unmet medical needs, there is a clear bottleneck in the blend of expertise required to design and run a radiopharmaceutical trial. Learn perspectives from key…Read more

day: Workshop D

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